We offer complete solutions for design and implementation of automatic control systems that include:

  • PLC programming (programmable logic controllers)
  • visualization, HMI (Human-Machine Interface) 
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • variable frequency drives (inverters)
  • electrical schematics
  • design, wiring and implementation of electrical cabinets

Automation of industrial processes increases the efficiency, productivity, reliability and precision of machines and production lines, saves raw materials and other resources and increases the quality, thus reducing the uncertain human factor to a minimum. Automation of production focuses humanity on development by reducing man's labor required to plan and work on tasks that take time and directs it towards research and improvements. Automation plays an important role in the economy.

The requirements set by the industry in front of companies that work with industrial automation are different, both by complexity and by the differences in the used equipment. Making solutions in the field of industrial automation requires professionals with a wide range of knowledge and great experience, as they need to be able to respond to all automation challenges that the industry presents in front of them. Until a few years ago, control in the industry was based on relay technology, and today the PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) are mainly used, because of its flexibility and robustness.

Our team is consisted of highly qualified engineers trained to work mainly with PLC from the renowned world manufacturers Omron, Siemens, Unitronis, Vipa. The team also has a lot of experience with switching, relay and measurement-regulation equipment.

Whether your request involves automation of individual machines or a complete plant, our solutions improve productivity and provide reliability, quality and capacity through an intuitive and flexible approach.

The large number of successfully implemented projects and satisfied customers gives us the right to say that we can respond to all of the challenges that the industry can present to us.

In addition to the preparation of new solutions, we also offer our clients reparation and modernization of all types of industrial machines and a possibility for periodical maintenance.

We provide our customers with expertise, knowledge and technical advice (technical solutions for automation of machines and plants), turnkey solutions, technical support, equipment, design, production of electrical cabinets for automation, commissioning and training. Our technical solutions provide enhancement, improvement of production, reliability, safety and energy saving.